Submission Deadline

Request Reviews/Evaluations

Letters of inquiry are reviewed quarterly by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees to determine if the request for funding falls within the mission and meets the scope of interest and guidelines. Submission deadlines are one month prior to each Foundation Board meeting as follows:

Submission Deadline Board Meeting
December 1 January (Annual Meeting)
March 1 April
June 1 July
September 1 October

If for any reason, the meeting must be postponed, it will be rescheduled as close to the original schedule as possible. Applicants will be notified of any action that the Executive Committee may take, usually within two weeks of the Board meeting.

In order to stimulate the development of a wider base of support, the Foundation encourages requests for challenge grants requiring matching fund contributions.

Funding approval depends on the strength of the request, the nature of other requests, compliance with the mission, current commitments, and budget status/available funds of the Foundation for that fiscal year. Grants are usually awarded on a one-time basis. In certain circumstances, however, the Foundation may consider multiple-year funding. Grantees should not assume that approval of a grant implies commitment for ongoing future support.

Once approved, the Executive Committee and the applicant will agree on the term of the payment of the grant. Most grants will be made through incremental payments during the year and be tied to the progress and impact of the program. The Foundation reserves the right to monitor the status of the project during the grant period and to withhold payments of the grant should the grantee not comply with or fall short of the specified goals and objectives as set forth in the grant request.

Periodic site visits may be requested by the Foundation during the year to access the program status as it relates to the funding.

If a grant is awarded, the recipient will be required to submit periodic update reports, as deemed appropriate, in relation to the status of the program and progress that is being made as a result of the funding received. A final report is required and must be received prior to the last payment on the grant. The synopsis should include a narrative progress report, full accounting of expenditures and evaluation of the impact, results and effectiveness of the grant in relation to the program, its participants and overall operations, as well as other pertinent information.

If a request is either funded or denied, the Foundation will not accept additional requests by the same organization or its affiliates for a minimum of one year.

The Foundation reserves the right to review all materials, press releases, announcements, etc. in relation to the grant prior to any release or publication.